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The Ocean Race is often described as the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world, sailing’s toughest team challenge and one of the sport’s Big Three events, alongside the Olympic Games and America’s Cup.

Four Oceans, 32,000 nautical mile (60,000 km) around the world

The Ocean Race 2022-23 visits nine iconic international cities over the six-month period, starting from Alicante, Spain in January 2023 and finishing in Genova, Italy at the end of June.

The race is above all a great challenge from a business, economic and logistical point of view. The preparation takes years.

The most important thing is a real wing man with perseverance, visions and passion. The master mind of the campaign, someone who puts the big puzzle pieces together.

Thanks Jens!

From l to r:

Charles Drapeau (OBR)

Benjamin Dutreux

Annie Lush

Robert Stanjek

Phillip Kasüske

Five IMOCA teams are competing in the race around the world for The Ocean Race Trophy.

The IMOCA Class uses a development design rule which allows the designers to experiment with hull and sail shapes within set parameters. However, masts, booms and standing rigging are one-design.

IMOCAs have a powerful sail plan, a canting keel and underwater foils which further boost performance by lifting the boat out of the water.

The Guyot Environnement - Team Europe sails on the former HUGO Boss 6.

The 8-year-old boat has the latest generation of foils and is considered proven and stable.

Between manoeuvres, the boat is sailed in pairs. The leading sailor primarily trims the mainsheet and tries to control fast and long flights with it. 

The eyes are glued to the displays. There are several numbers that give live performance information of the boat. 

It's a bit like painting by numbers, and nevertheless the trained feeling of the top sailors is enormously important.

Sometimes you reach the limit when there is too little sleep for days.

Alicante - Team Base 

Two sets travel alternately to the Stopover Cities and provide a home for our team.

Everything takes place there: Eating, meetings, organising equipment...

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